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Elf Solo Quest

The Hidden Jewel [Solo] – Level 10
Start NPC : Larmiel (Near the north entrance/exit in Vena town (I,2))
Reward : Boreal Wand or Cross Cane (Forgot stats)
Objective :
1) Deliver the Jewel Necklace to Phanacea. She is also in Vena town, (G,1) – right in the middle of 4 Coords..

The Longing Name [Solo] – Level 20
Start NPC : Phanacea (Vena town (G,1-ish)
Reward : Full Elemental armor set. (+8 pdef and +8 mdef on each piece, if I remember correctly.)
Objective :
1) Hunt Ursas.
2) Talk with Larmiel. She can be found near the north entrance/exit in Vena town (I,2).

People of the Past [Solo] – Level 25
Start NPC : Larmiel (Near the north entrance/exit in Vena town (I,2))
Reward : Lesser Healing or Mana Remedies x5
Objective :
1) Talk with Vellarmino. at (F,1) in Vena town.
2) Talk with Arthelias. at (E,9) in Vena town.
3) Talk with Lilian. in Aevraury (C,6), she is at the Bindstone.
4) Hunt Amazon Soultrappers, some can be found at (K,7) in Via Marea, you can get there quickly if you go west from Lilian. (Forgot amount)
5) Report back to Arthelias to complete the quest.

The Music of the Necklace [Solo] – Level 30
Start NPC : Arthelias (Found at (E,9) in Vena town)
Reward : Luna Wand or Simple Great Staff. (Forgot stats)
Objective :
1) After speaking with Arthelias, you will be told to see Rima Regenon.
2) Find and speak with Rima Regenon. She can be found in Vena town in the castle, (E,9).
3) Rima will tell you to collect Bowls of Spirit. These can be found (C,6) of Via Marea, at the Goddess’s Fountain.
Just run around the area until you collect 30.
4) Deliver to Lacriss. Lacriss can be found inside Lauke Monastery.

Resentful Spirit [Solo] – Level 35
Start NPC : Lacriss (Found in Lauke Monastery)
Reward : Full Darkness armor set (Forgot stats, +11mdef/+x pdef?)
Objective :
1) Collect Resentful Spirits. You need to kill 30 Spectres, these can be found inside Lauke Monastery near the very end. (I don’t remember if it was 30 Spectres or more/less)
2) Return to Lacriss to complete your quest.

Back to the Original State [Party] – Level 40
Start NPC : Lacriss (Found in Lauke Monastery)
Reward : 1 Skill Enhancement Stone
Objective :
1) Defeat the Demon Hezwerd. Demon Hezwerd is a boss and can be found right at the very end of Lauke Monastery, on floor 2. This quest is a party quest, but still part of the Solo quest chain. You will need a good party of at least 60+ to defeat this boss.
2) Return to Lacriss, he will send you to speak with Helena.
3) Talk to Helena to finish the quest. She can be found at Ezker Island Bindstone.

The Gypsy Prophet Helena [Solo] – Level 45
Start NPC : Helena (Found at Ezker Island Bindstone)
Reward : Sparkling Staff(+15 Psy, +15 Vit and x%Mana?) or Crystal Wand (Forgot stats)
Objective :
1) Obtain Book of Lauke. Oneal, the peddler sells it in his shop for a mere 200 Crones, he is located next to Helena.
2) Obtain 25 Elixirs. You can either make these yourself or buy them. To mix them you need 25x Healing Potions(Found in boxes or bought) and 25x Lesser Healing Potions (Buy from NPC), to create 25 Healing Remedies, then you need to do the same with Mana Potions. The Mix both Remedies for the Elixirs.
3) Deliver to Helena. Just simply return to Helena with the Elixirs and Book to complete the quest.

The Epic of Fate [Solo] – Level 50
Start NPC : Rima Regenon (Found in Vena town castle (E,9))
Reward : 1x Faith of XXX (+15 of a stat of your choice and +200hp)
Objective :
1) Rima will tell you that you need to collect the Corpse of the Pixie Queen.
2) Obtain the Corpse of the Pixie Queen. This is obtained by killing the Pixie Queen which can be found somewhere around (E,5)-(E,4) in Via Marea. Be careful as it is not too easy to solo, it can hit rather hard. If you feel the need you could have someone stand near and heal you. But remember, this is a solo quest so they can’t be in party or touch the mob.
3) Return to Rima and collect your reward.

The Cold Season [Solo] – Level 52
Start NPC : Noberto (Found in Rhakon dungeon entrance)
Reward : Imperial Topaz Ring (Random Stats)
Objective :
1) Obtain the Scratched Key. It is dropped by Chain Armor Taurics inside Rhakon dungeon, they can be found in brown section inside level 1 of Rhakon. This is a random drop.
2) Obtain the Finished Report. The Report is found in a box around the same area as the Taurics, just round around a bit and you should find it, it’s in the brown section.
3) Return to Noberto, he will send you off to Agnes where you will finish the quest.
4) Speak with Agnes, she can be found at the Limestone Foothill Bindstone.

The Place that Escaped Fate [Solo] – Level 55
Start NPC : Agnes (She is found at Limestone Foothill Bindstone)
Reward : Just EXP, 5% at level 55.
Objective :
1) Find Ghoster. He is an NPC and can be found at Shrouded Mansion (E,9) in Vavylon. Just look around all the walls on the inside and you should find him, no need to head up the stairs.
2) Deliver to Toaz to complete the quest. He is found in Geizan (H,4).

flame spite jga mayan klo dah 58
klo rajin ya ambil sekalian yg di reruntuhan (q flame lvl 40an klo ga salah)
spot yg di reruntuhan aja (tapi ya ga dpt exp sama drop)
ato klo rajin tetep spot di dunia bawah, tapi jalannya cape
klo gw sih ambil 1 aja yg di dunia bawah, males boo ..

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